These are the partners that help us to provide you the best accommodation and living experience possible.

We want you to enjoy your stay to the fullest: the Uhub Experience continues outside your residence! Being part of our community allows you to get access to the special offers and available discounts.

7Hills | (+351) 962 716 862 You can enjoy an awsome ride and get to know more about Lisbon with the amazing drivers of 7hills. Besides tuctucs they have several tours in Cascais, Sintra, Setubal where you can see dolphins. Contact them to know more about the tours and get 20% discount!
Cooltra | +351 912 524 815 With Cooltra you can experience that renting and driving a scooter is not only fun but also is the easiest way to move around the city. Get 10% discount in scooter rental services!
Lisbon Kayak Lisbonkayak provides you an amazing experience in kayaking in the most beautiful beaches. Enjoy the sun, have a pic-nic and do snorkeling in one of the most amazing spots in the portuguese coast. Also, Free Lunch!
Maludente | +351 967 913 092 At Maludente clinic in Alameda you will get a good service at a fair price. With these special discounts going to the dentist will no longer be a nightmare. Check underlying conditions with us!
Portuguese Connection | +351 917 556 216 Learn Portuguese the funniest way possible! Besides portuguese classes they have lots of activities. And of course, U.hub residents have 10% discount!
Surf Lisbon | (+351) 912 850 066 Do you want to learn how to surf? For only 10€ join our team and come get some waves. In case your friends want to join, for groups of 6 people Surf Lisbon offers you transportation for 5€. Let´s go?!
SurfPro | (+351) 939 219 023 With SurfPro, you can have a great time surfing in Carcavelos or Costa da Caparica for half of the price, as they offer 50% discount
Time to Fitness 24 | (+351) 215 876 660 Subscribe for a 3 to 12 month plan in one of Time to Fitness 24 gyms (Alameda, Alvalade, Saldanha or Campo Grande) and get an amazing discount exclusive for U.hub Residents. What are you waiting for? Start exercising now!
U.hub Partners | +351 932 963 158 If you think your company could add value to the U.hub experience, contact us! Join us and be our Partner!