Hang out

Where to go when you really really need to relax? Lisbon has lots to offer either you’re looking to hang out during the day or at night. Write down our list of cool places where you can have some fun. You’ll thank us later.

By Day

Lisbon is one of the cities with most sunny days during the year, and we bet you can’t wait to enjoy them. It’s impossible to walk around the city without seeing small kiosks with large groups of people gathering around them, hanging out. Join them! These open-air cafés (esplanadas) are the local-favourites to relax, grab a drink and enjoy the sun:

Ribeira das Naus Estrela Príncipe Real

You know those movie clichés where they lay back on the grass, listening to music and looking at the sky type of thing? In Lisbon you can find stunning and large gardens where you can to the exact same thing. And who knows, invite your friends for a pic nic! Check the locations of Lisbon’s nicest gardens:

Gulbenkian Parque Eduardo VII Jardim da Cerca da Graça

By night

Lisbon nightlife can bring you many different experiences. Each night depends on your own definition of “having fun”, or just your mood. Let’s consider 3 different scenarios:

a) “We’ll just stick to a cool bar.”

You and your friends are looking for a nice pub to hang out and have some fun. A chill place, where you can talk to each other without having to scream louder than the music. Here are some of the most-famous spots in town:

Pensão Amor Pavilhão Chinês Lost in

b) “Let’s go bar hopping!”

Lisbon has 3 main areas in which the nightlife is much more vibrant and electric. Neighborhoods where tons of pubs pop out of every corner, and differ in concept, music genre or even “special drinks”. You can choose your favourite, or just visit them all! You first need to decide where you want to go:

Cais do Sodré Bairro Alto Santos

c) “Let’s dance!”

You’ll have no difficulty finding dozens of clubs you can go to. It really depends on your favourite music style (some great DJ’s come to Lisbon, if you’re lucky) and what location you want to head to: downtown, closer to the river or just closer to your Uhub. There is plenty to choose from, but these are the local-favourite clubs:

Lux Main Urban Beach

Get on your dance shoes!

Local Parties

The fun never stops! Lisbon has plenty of local parties for you to enjoy. Some more traditional than others, some free, and some take place during all summer.

The most famous series of parties in Lisbon is called “Santos Populares”: a cultural event created to honor the religious saints from the city. Lisbon comes to life throughout this celebrations - happening during the whole month of June: you’ll see locals on the streets dancing and singing traditional Portuguese songs and eating local gastronomy fingerfood (like “sardinhas”, “bifanas” and “caldo verde”). The party culminates with “Marchas Populares”: when each neighborhood creates a song and a coreography in order to compete in the Avenida da Liberdade to be crowned winner. To learn more about this event, visit the “Festas de Lisboa” website:

Festas de Lisboa

Along with the tradicional “Festas de Lisboa” there other events that already take part on Lisbon’s DNA: the academic parties. The city has a strong link with its students. Each university has its own celebrations, but there is one “academic music festival” that lasts for one full week: it’s called “Semana Académica” and it takes place in May. Check this year dates and lineup:

Semana Académica

Speaking of music festivals: Portugal is said to be the country with most festivals in Europe, and Lisbon hosts 3 of its biggest. Whichever is your favourite type of music, you’ll find some incredible lineups and pretty affordable prices when compared with most European music festivals. Check the lineups below:

Super Bock Super Rock Rock in Rio Nos Alive

If you’re not a Uhub resident yet, book your room and stay close to all these awesome locations.