Eat and Drink

You may have heard of the fantastic diversity of the Portuguese gastronomy: the traditional dishes and the delicious wine. If you haven’t, well, you’re now at the right place to start getting familiar with it. Heads up: there are few things that Portuguese people love more than their traditional food.

Warning: Lots of delicious food coming ahead. We said “local” not “low cal”, and that’s why we partnered with a gym.

Pastry Masters

One of the most iconic symbols of Lisbon comes from the prolific and delicious Portuguese pastry: the “pastel de nata”. The world famous custard pie is a must-taste when it comes to food in Lisbon. The most famous producer of this small pie even has an own name for it (the pastel de Belém), but there are also other spots in town that you should definitely try:

Pastel de Belém Manteigaria Portuguesa The World Needs Nata

If you enjoy it as much as the locals, maybe you can start eating them as they usually do: with coffee, at breakfast. Rumor has it that “a coffee and a pastel de nata, please” is the most heard sentence in Lisbon mornings.

You must try the seafood

As it is literally encrusted in our shore, Lisbon’s gastronomy has obvious influences from its surroundings. Even some of the great chefs claim that “Portugal has the best seafood” and demand it on their own restaurants. That’s the main reason why you must try it: it doesn’t get any better than this. You can choose from great fresh fish to shellfish or even the traditional sardines, and we’re sure you won’t regret it. Here are the most famous places for you to go and taste Lisbon’s “sea treasure”:

Ramiro Aqui há peixe Sea Me

Outside Lisbon, but still pretty close, there are some smaller towns with a huge tradition in what seafood is concerned. The local community has a strong connection with the sea, and many of them are passionate fishermen. So, if you really want to taste the Portuguese seafood at his best you may want to check these surrounding villages:

Ericeira Azenhas do Mar Cascais

We also talk about these locations in our “Discover” section.

In Lisbon, bread rules

It may sound weird to you, but here goes a tasty fact: in some of Lisbon’s best-known dishes, bread is the main star. We have so different types of bread (we can’t even count them) and many other ingredients to go with it. The locals favorite range from the “bifana” (a pork sandwich), to the “prego” (a beef sandwich) and the “pão com chouriço” (bread with chorizo). For the bifana and the prego, the locals usually go to small traditional restaurants (“tascas”) and frequently ask for mustard with it. To find the other treat, pão com chouriço, one of the top-favourite spots is the “Merendeira”. Check the locations below:

Bifana – O Trevo Prego – Café de S.Bento Pão-com-chouriço - Merendeira

Besides from this “Lisbon bread-specialties”, another trend is rising in the city: the gourmet burgers. A tone of great restaurants emerged and created a curious mix of standard burgers (like the cheeseburger) and innovative recipes with Lisbon’s DNA – they even have some with fish. If you want to discover some of these exquisite hamburguers, check the list below (Prego da Peixeira is the one that has fish burgers):

Prego da Peixaria Honorato Hamburgueria do Bairro

Ginjinha & Craft Beer

You may have heard wonders about the Portuguese wine. Our “vinho” is much appreciated all over the world, and here in Lisbon you can’t miss the chance of tasting the best wines from each region.

But Lisbon is much more than wine, it has its own traditional beverages. The “ginjinha” is probably the local’s favourite: a sweet cherry liquor served in a small cup of chocolate. The best place for you to taste it (and eat the cup) is “Ginjinha Sem Rival”, a century-old Portuguese pub with this distinctive sweet drink. There is another local-favourite beverage as you’ll probably guess: beer. And much like the comfort food, lisboetas also like to taste some craft beer, and in Chiado, “Brewpubs” are the new trend. We advise you to visit these locations, and we also advise you to drink responsibly:

Ginjinha Rossio Craft Beers – Duque Brewpub Zymolog

Lisbon Fingerfood

After all this yummy tips on how to “Eat & Drink” like a local, it’s time for you to know the most important one: locals never do it alone, they love to gather friends around a cozy table and spend a couple of hours talking and enjoying great food. So, grab your Uhub colleagues – and go find some small traditional restaurants (“tascas”, we call them) that serve the best Portuguese finger food (or, if you want to order it in Portuguese, “petiscos”). Here are some of the local favorites – and the perfect example of “comfort food”:

Artis Taberna Ibérica Taberna Ideal

And now, it’s time to share.

After Hours

At the end of a night out or during a hard studying marathon, the hunger strikes. Fear no more: we’re pretty sure you won’t starve. Lisbon has its “hidden gems”, secret places that will please you with an after hours snack. You can choose between fresh-made pastry or the traditional bread with chorizo (we call it pão com chouriço). Here are some local students favorites, pretty close from your Uhub residence:

Galeto Merendeira Bolos da Rua Rosa

If you’re lucky enough, you can also run into some street food vendors. Hint: They are usually at Bairro Alto, Santos or Cais do Sodré.

If you’re not a Uhub resident yet, book your room and stay close to all these awesome locations.