We could spend an insane amount of time writing down all the beautiful, mindblowing places that Lisbon has to offer and visit. But we want you to do it like a true local would: ask, explore, dare to discover. Walk around, take the tram (o eléctrico) and be ready to find beauty in every corner. What follows, it’s just a kickoff: a couple of guidelines to make you eager of going outside and live Lisbon from within.


Understanding the “lisboeta lifestyle” has much to do with exploring its rich culture. Let’s start with an unique characteristic that you may have heard of: Fado. Fado is a very emotional music genre – you can compare it to folk, with a huge dose of melancholy - born in the heart of the small neighbourhoods. It transmits the sadness of missing something or someone (we call that feeling “saudade”), through a powerful voice and the sound of the Portuguese guitar. Locals relate to fado in a very emotional way, and some of the great Fado singers are also considered “Portuguese Legends”, like Amália Rodrigues. You can – and you should - experience it in some live music “Fado Houses”:

Real Fado Clube de Fado Sr. Fado

But there is more to the Portuguese musical scene than just fado. Actually, a new wave of Portuguese artists is spreading their music all around the globe. From Hip-Hop and Electronic to Jazz and Rock’n’Roll…the portuguese music is alive and kicking! f you want to discover this upcoming artists, you can check the program of these well-known live music spots:

ZDB Musicbox Casa Independente

Besides being huge music fans, the locals have another massive obsession: football. Trust us, lisboetas are crazy for their football teams. Luckily for you, two of the “Portuguese Giants” are actually from Lisbon: Sport Lisboa e Benfica and Sporting Clube de Portugal. So, if you’re a sports fan don’t miss the opportunity to see a live football match:

Estádio da Luz Estádio de Alvalade

All the cultural factors mentioned above make Lisbon a city with an authentic and unique personality. The interesting thing is that a great deal of its influence come from other countries: and the locals love it. Lisbon is a true multicultural city, and thanks to its hospitality, many areas and neighborhoods are like journeys to other parts of the world. Martim Moniz is one of those places, where the Asian influence is present and where the locals go to experience a different culture. It’s definitely a place to visit:

Martim Moniz


Grab your phone, it’s time to snap some cool panoramic photos. We really want you to see the Lisbon landscape from these amazing viewpoints (we call them “miradouros”). High spots where the view over the city is truly breathtaking:

Portas do Sol Arco da Rua Augusta São Pedro de Alcântara

Along with the Miradouros, there are some other dazzling spots where you can look at the city from a mesmerizing point of view: a castle, a 341ft tall monument and a XIX century elevator. Excited? Here are they:

Cristo Rei Castelo de S. Jorge Elevador de Sta. Justa

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Living in Lisbon allows you to move from the stressfull daily life in the city to the calm of its surroundings. The Portuguese beaches are world famous for their beauty and waves (if you’re a surfer), and we couldn’t forget them. Some are 30 minutes away from your residence. Get your feet on the sand and your body tanned:

Cascais Estoril Lisbon South Bay

Not a beach fan? Don’t worry, Lisbon’s charming surroundings have much more to offer. 40 minutes away from the city – by train – you’ll find the magical and misteryous village of Sintra. This historic location is said to be one of the most mesmerizing places in Europe, and therefore one of the places you must visit. It’s Nature at its best:


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