Prepare to fall in love with this city. Porto has become one of the most trendy cities to live as it has been considered three times as Best European Destination. Once you’re living in Porto you will have a lot to explore!


This is one of the oldest areas of the city. The narrow streets leading to the river make this area one of the most emblematic. Here you can find several cafes and restaurants or just take a walk along the river.


Built in 1906 and considered the most beautiful bookstore in Europe. You can’t miss the visit to this bookstore that is so much more than a place to buy books. The magic surrounding this bookstore is so great that the rumors said it has inspired the author of Harry Potter.

Livraria Lello

Located in Santa Catarina Street, since 1921, the Majestic Café is known as the most beautiful café in Porto and it’s on the Top 10 of the most beautiful cafes in the world. Back then it was the meeting point of the elite of the city to discuss different topics over a cup of coffee.

If you would like to go back to the glamour of “la belle époque” you cannot miss it.

Café Majestic

Futebol Clube do Porto is one of “Portuguese Giants”. If you’re a fan of football you will be thrilled to watch a match at Estádio do Dragão.

Estádio do dragão


For those who are looking for the sunset combined with a wonderful view of the river these are the perfect spots. On the sunny days they’re also transformed into a kind of outdoor terrace for the afternoon.

Jardim das Virtudes Jardim do morro