Palaces in Lisbon: The Portugal Flex

Whether you’re in the city on Erasmus or getting into one of their excellent courses, traveling to Lisbon for higher education is a massive achievement. You get to feast your eyes on the lush landscapes, gorgeous hill-top panorama, and even befriend sociable locals.

The capital city is famous for its historical architecture, beaches, and pastel-toned chateaus. During your stay in one of the world’s oldest cities, here are some extraordinary palaces to visit where history comes to life!

**Palácio da Pena **

One of the 7 wonders of Portugal, the Palace of Pena is built in the Romanticist architectural style but also takes inspiration from Neo-Islamic and Medieval architecture. Perched atop the highest hills of Sintra, the palace interiors are richly decorated with lavish tiles and elaborate paint. The stained glass windows, detailed sculptures, and eclectic-style rooms all add to the palace aesthetics. It is surrounded by vast greenery, which the then King Ferdinand II had designed with exotic trees from various parts of the world.

**The Palácio Nacional de Sintra **

Located at the heart of Sintra, Lisbon, The Palace of Sintra is now a historic museum, where you can truly witness what it was like to live the life of a lavish monarch. It can be easily spotted owing to its distinct conical-shaped chimneys, which are now emblematic of Sintra.

The interiors are remarkably contrasting in their architectural styles, representing the individual taste of each king that resided at the palace. Each room also has its name, and the Sala dos Cisnes (Swans’ Room), the Sala dos Brasões (Armoury), the Sala das Pegas (Magpie or Reading Room), and the chapel are some of the main attractions for visitors.

**Palácio de Queluz **

Lisbon’s significant history is witnessed by its many palaces, one of which is The Palace of Queluz. Inspired by the French Versailles and one of the last great Rococo palaces to exist in Europe, this palace wows visitors with its head-turning ceiling frescoes, ornamental murals, and the famous Fountain of Neptune.

Albeit smaller than other palaces, The Palace of Queluz represents the colossal wealth of Portugal’s colonies with its grandiose architecture and glorious gardens. Conceived with the intention of entertaining guests and leisurely getaway for the monarchs, the palace contains a ritzy ballroom, music room, and elegant private rooms designed by French artisans.

**Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira **

Once a hunting pavilion for Portuguese royalty, The Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira is quietly tucked away from the city’s centre. Built with prominent Baroque architecture, the palace deserves a visit for its epic halls, imperial fountains, and overall magnificent architecture. The majestic halls are furnished with awe-inspiring art collections and OTT sculptures as you walk around the stunning palace grounds.

Home to a large aristocratic family, this beautifully preserved palace is the epitome of posh royalty. The facade, embellished with breathtaking mosaics and tiles is worth taking a long detour for.

**Palácio da Ajuda **

The Palace of Ajuda is one of the earliest Neoclassical structures in Lisbon. Each room is ornamented avant-garde style and adorns spectacular art pieces that date as far back as the 15th century. The chambers are heavily embroidered with Baroque-style architecture, with extravagant chandeliers (not to swing from), elaborate tiling, and other extremely detailed elements which make the palace fit for royalty.

**Palácio de Belém **

Since the monarchy was abolished in 1910, Belem Palace has been the official residence of the President of the Republic. The eye-catching pink hue of the residence is a sight for sore eyes in Lisbon. The palace is spread out beautifully with an extensive courtyard, gold festooned wooden ceilings, and dazzling hand-loomed tapestries.

Flanked by pinnacles, annexes, gardens, and courtyards, the palace which was remodelled several times has not lost its charm. The picturesque palace gardens and the museum dedicated to all of the Presidents of the Republic are some of the main attractions at Belem Palace.

Moving to Lisbon for higher education is a great decision. Apart from the breathtaking palaces and culture, Lisbon also has great affordable student accommodation, ideal for your time in the delightful city.

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