The coolest places to go when it rains in Oporto

It is no surprise that the weather in Porto tends to be rainier than in Lisbon, for example. But still, there are plenty of opportunities in the city that you can’t miss. And the number of fun and cultural activities is huge, and the trend is always on the rise.

We highlight some of the places you can visit on a day when the rain decides to come, now that it’s mid-autumn, and soon we’re entering winter!

1. Lello Library

If you haven’t visited yet, then this is your first mandatory stop! The famous Lello bookstore is emblematic, and you can travel through the books there. It is one of the places that tourists like to visit the most, and if you buy a book, the ticket money is discounted.

You’ll find everything from literary classics to the latest novelties, so dive into this literary world and discover one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world!

2. Moustache Cafe

The comfortable and calm atmosphere of this cafe is perfect for spending the afternoon with some friends and your favourite drink, having a snack, having breakfast, and, who knows, even studying. Located right in the city centre (between Praça Carlos Alberto and the Rectory of the University of Porto), access is very easy by bus or metro.

The ambient music is perfect to help you relax and have a good time while watching the rain through the windows.

3. Soares dos Reis National Museum

Culture and knowledge are two points we never have too much of, right? So, take advantage of a rainy day when you can’t be outdoors to visit one of the best-known museums in the city of Porto.

In this museum you’ll be able to appreciate some sculptures, paintings, and even some pieces made in gold, silver, and bronze, all very well preserved.

The Museum is also located in the city center, so you can easily visit it. The ticket price is around €5, but you can get some discounts with exclusive city cards, or if you’re under 25 years old!

4. Sá da Bandeira Theater

A rainy night doesn’t necessarily mean staying indoors watching Netflix and eating popcorn. How about a trip to the theater? The theater is a very important part of Portuguese culture, so we recommend you to visit several around the city of Porto. One of the most beautiful, without a doubt, is the Teatro Sá da Bandeira! It not only hosts theater shows, as well as stand-up comedy shows, and even concerts. You can find out more about all the events, prices, and trivia on their website by clicking here.

5. Lounge, Ping-Pong, Live rooms

If after all these good suggestions you prefer to stay at your residence so that you don’t have to go out on a rainy day, then you have plenty of options at U.hub Xior Asprela!

From a game of Ping-Pong with your friends to having a movie session in the multimedia room, or having fun in a card game in our lounge, the options are immense and you are sure to have fun, even during the day be grey.

Like you, it’s always possible to make the most of your day both inside and outside your U.hub Xior Asprela residence, and enjoy the city of Porto at any time of the year!

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