Why choose Lisbon for your Erasmus Experience

Many reasons may influence your decision to choose Lisbon for your Erasmus Experience. We already highlighted what you need to know before going to Lisbon during Erasmus, regarding the low prices, the amazing weather, and the stunning landscapes. In this article, we will try to bring new ideas, focusing on the academic perspective of the Lisbon experience. Here we go!

1. There are Great Universities in Lisbon:

Lisbon is known for its amazing universities that offer prestigious Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programmes. Two universities in Lisbon are featured in the QS World University Rankings 2021 as two of the best universities in the world, and there are a lot of other institutions with great status and well renowned.

2. Every Faculty has a Students’ Association:

The Students’ Association consists of a volunteer group of students whom you will ask for help, try to solve academic questions that you might have and other important issues. Normally, for an Erasmus student, these groups have an important role in their arrival, guaranteeing that every situation is solved taking into consideration other similar situations.

These associations are present in almost every faculty in Lisbon, and they are used to organise a welcome week for the students who have just arrived in the city. It is important to know you are not alone in a new country and have someone to count on.

3. Professors have a good level of English

Usually, Portugal’s population has a great level of English and it won’t be different with your future professors. On the first day of classes, it is common for the professors to ask if there are any foreigner students. If someone answers “yes”, they change their classes to English.

Bonus: Some professors can speak other languages like French or Spanish as well!

4. Amazing extracurricular activities

Lisbon and its universities have more than parties to offer. A lot of conferences, events, and expositions happen all year round. The themes are more than varied, and you can attend events on different subjects which may even improve your professional skills.

These extracurricular activities can show more clearly how the labour market works, and it is an amazing opportunity for Erasmus students to meet Portuguese professionals.

5. City ready to welcome Erasmus students

The Portuguese people are used to going abroad either for study purposes or for work. They already did their Erasmus Programme in other countries and they are ready to receive Erasmus students in their city as well. The Erasmus experience is rooted in Portuguese academic and social life.

6. Student Residences with all bills included

When moving to a new country, it may be tricky to discover the best places to live, how the bills are charged, how to sign a rental contract, as many landlords are looking for long-term contracts, and so on. By choosing Xior Residences you will have the certainty to be in an amazing location, with will all-bills included, and with a stunning infrastructure and support to maximise your Erasmus experience at the highest level.

BONUS TIP: The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in Lisbon is filled with volunteers ready to help you with all issues and they always throw unforgettable parties which have exclusive prices and conditions for Erasmus students.

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